Bone marrow and cord-blood transplants are life-saving therapy for patients with Leukemia, Lymphoma and other haematological disorders.  Over 4000 such transplants are carried out in Europe every year.  Unfortunately, 40% of patients develop complications because the donor's bone marrow attacks their body.  This can happen even where the donors and patients are as closely matched as brothers and sisters.

This project aims to develop a 'bank' of cell lines and DNA drawn from over 500 transplants across Europe.  The details are stored in a database which will enable scientists and clinicians to find out more about the risks to patients after bone marrow or cord blood transplants.

The importance of this is that a better understanding of genetic matching will enable doctors to choose the best type of transplant, donor and after-care for the patient.

The purpose of this web portal is to allow the participants to communicate with one another on-line.


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